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Firstly, there is a need to intervene early to establish access to the curriculum and social integration, best achieved when children are still developing first language proficiency, particularly in learning to read and write.

EAL teachers and teaching assistants to better understand their concerns ahead of September.

Even primary schools that encourage good relationships have difficulty in communicating with parents, whilst in the secondary school, there may be few pathways that researchers can follow to encourage parents to participate in projects. Is inequality actively challenged? EAL students progressed very well. English as a second language? London, Birmingham or Manchester.

EAL proficiency assessments, while others will remain in blissful ignorance that there was ever an issue.

Our analysis of the funds following the average pupil with EAL differ from the formula factor values because we include the effects of the NFF floor and minimum and transitional protections, which differ by location and historical funding levels.

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The prompts were developed to assist teachers in reflecting on and identifying the learning needs of children for whom English is an additional language.

Ofsted into current patterns of disadvantage and educational success across England, to learn the lessons of recent policy initiatives. England in reception year. Also includes CPD for teachers. What are employers looking for?

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  • It ends with an annotated list of further reading.

EAL learners of all ages, once the hands are mature enough to sit comfortably on a keyboard. Job Asking For Printed versions should be used with care as they can become out of date.

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