If broadband networks can be made more secure by adopting security policies and procedures, then the security metrics can indicate a relative difference of the perceived security rather than providing the absolute measures.

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This tool will check on the site availability of your internet services, servers, and applications. This suggests that the network operator should be cautious about relying on Measurement Results for action such as refunding fees if a service level agreement is not met.

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Measurement Method: The process for assessing the value of a Metric; the process of measuring some performance or reliability Metric associated with the transfer of traffic.

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Personally, I like the idea of a a system to monitor speeds if it facilitates a user pays system. Sims could have equally pointed out that service providers also need this information to ensure that customer connections to their systems meet performance requirements.

Remotely monitor the internet service that connects to your sensors, cameras, alarm systems, etc. These groupings are useful in that they allow different service technologies which have similar headline speeds to be compared on the basis of actual performance.